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If a cavity doesn’t receive timely treatment, it can start out small but spread to other areas of the tooth enamel and severely impede the tooth. When a tooth becomes badly decayed, we often recommend that the compromised tooth enamel is replaced with a custom dental crown.

The process to create a dental crown typically requires two different appointments with our dentist, Dr. Ryan Wilson. At the first visit, our team can numb the area around the tooth to ensure you are fully comfortable before removing the layer of tooth enamel so that what is left behind is an abutment holding the inner structure of the tooth.

We then create a detailed impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth to serve as a guide so that technicians at the off-site dental lab can customize your new crown. During this same appointment, we can place a temporary dental crown on the abutment to keep your tooth protected in the meantime.

When the custom crown is ready, we can schedule your second appointment, where we remove the temporary crown and apply your new restoration. As long as you provide the proper care and cleaning, your new crown can last for many years.

If you have developed a large cavity in one or more teeth, we encourage you to call Canyon Dental Care at (505) 278.7007 today to discuss the placement of a dental crown in Farmington, New Mexico.