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When you have to treat a cavity, a composite dental filling can be one of your treatment options, depending on the severity of the decay and your oral health situation. Our dentist, Dr. Ryan Wilson, is proud to offer this restoration because it has benefitted many patients for many years. A composite dental filling offers many benefits, like:

-It can restore your tooth’s health with a more conservative approach: This is because the treatment doesn’t require a lot of enamel removal. All your dentist needs to do is remove the effected tooth structure, place the restoration, shape the filling, and harden it. This restores your tooth’s health and function.

-It can provide natural-looking results: This is because the fillings are colored to match your smile. When they are placed, they will be very difficult to spot.

-It can chemically bond with the tooth: This helps the tooth become stronger and healthier. This is because the filling naturally supports the tooth.

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