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You brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. This is excellent, and a solid foundation for superb oral hygiene. Some people decide to integrate mouthwash into their oral hygiene routines. We’ve collected some information for you to help make your decision.

There are two main categories of mouthwash, therapeutic and cosmetic.

Cosmetic mouthwashes are, frankly, not very useful. They may mask your bad breath temporarily, but they do not kill the bacteria actually causing the bad breath. For an effective clean, buy and use therapeutic mouthwash.

Therapeutic mouthwash is ideal for most mouth care needs; a wide variety of formulas are available. They can come in over-the-counter or prescription strengths. Therapeutic mouthwashes contain active ingredients that kill bacteria, freshening your breath at the source rather than masking it. Some therapeutic mouthwashes are designed to prevent cavities, plaque buildup, halitosis, or gum disease. Some additional tasks may include adding fluoride (a substance which strengthens tooth enamel) or loosening plaque before brushing. Always read labels carefully, and ask your dentist about specific needs for your dental health. Never give mouthwash to children under 6 years old.

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