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When looking for safe and effective whitening treatments, it is always best to speak with your dentist before trying any new products. Due to the awe-inspiring popularity of teeth whiteners in today’s society, there is a surge of new products that have bombarded the market, with some being ineffective, and others being potentially dangerous to your gums and tooth enamel.

The three most common types of teeth whitening treatments are professional treatments administered by dentists, at-home systems given by your dentist for at-home use, and store-bought products purchased either online or in stores.

The most sought after and highest rated whitening treatments are professional treatments given in-office by dentists. A single visit to our office for Opalescence® teeth whitening can whiten your smile better than any other form of tooth whitening. A single professional Opalescence® whitening treatment can improve the color of your teeth by multiple shades. Furthermore, the products used are much safer, with little risk to your surrounding gums.

Another form of tooth whitening treatment includes Opalescence at-home treatments given by our team to use away from the office in your spare time. At-home systems are safer than store-bought products, and will provide you with a method to do touch-ups.

The final and most notorious form of teeth whitening treatment is over-the-counter products purchased online or in stores. With the mass of products seeping into the market to capitalize on society’s desire for whiter teeth as fast and easy as possible, it’s understandable to realize that not all products are equal. Due to lack of agency oversight on these products and ingredients, some are not capable of whitening teeth very well at all and others contain ingredients that if used incorrectly or too long, can bleach your gums and even chew through your tooth enamel. Avoid any potential hazards of store-bought whiteners by asking your dentist for product recommendations.

If you would like to schedule an Opalescence tooth whitening treatment with Dr. Ryan Wilson and the rest of our team at Canyon Dental Care, simply call our dentist office at (505) 278.7007 for an appointment in Farmington, New Mexico. The path to a healthy smile starts today!