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The foundation of good health, it can be argued, is what you put into your body in the first place. The same is true of oral health. Strong teeth need nutrients to build and strengthen the enamel, and your whole mouth needs to be taken care of in the foods you eat. Here are some mouth-watering ways to stay healthy this summer.

Almonds: Almonds are a tasty way to get some extra calcium into your diet. With 246 mg of calcium per cup, protein, and loads of healthy crunch, almonds are a great tooth-friendly snack. Try integrating them into a salad: lightly toasted, on a bed of dark leafy greens–another natural source of tooth-strengthening calcium– with blueberries and a light vinaigrette. Delicious. (Pair it with a large glass of water to help balance the acidity of the vinaigrette.)

Cheese: Cheese is a excellent way to get added nutrients without extra sugar. Cheese and other dairy products such as milk and yogurt provide calcium and protein to the mouth, strengthening tooth enamel. Try serving a tray of cheese and fruit at your next party in lieu of a sugary dessert.

Beans: Another natural source of calcium, beans are powerhouses of nutrition. Soybeans, for example, are packed with nutrients (including 515 mg of calcium per cup!), fiber, and protein. White beans and kidney beans are also good non-dairy sources of calcium.

Water: Drink water! It’s good for our overall health, and fantastic for washing food particles and bacteria away from your teeth. Fluoridated water is particularly good for your teeth, and is available to 75% of the United States. Just think, cavity protection right out of your tap!

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