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At first glance, your mouthful of teeth may look pretty simple, but your teeth and their components are actually very intricate, complicated, and fascinating to learn about. The teeth are made up of a few different parts that all serve a specific and important purpose. Learning about these attributes can help you take care of your teeth.

Enamel — The enamel is the outer part of the tooth and protects it well.
Crown — This enamel-composed piece is the top part of the tooth and the part you can normally see. Its shape determines its purpose. There are four kinds of crown shapes:
-Incisors are chisel-shaped front teeth used to cut food. There four on the top and on the bottom.
-Canines are pointed crowns that tear and grasp food. There are two on top and two on bottom.
-Premolars have two pointed parts and are used to tear and crush food. Four on top and four on bottom.
-Molars are the flattest but still have some points. They are used for chewing food.
Root — Embedded within the bone, the root is about two thirds of the tooth. It keeps the tooth stable and secure.
Dentin — Located under the enamel, dentin stores many tubes that lead to the pulp.
Pulp — Where blood vessels and dental nerves are located, it is what feels pain when you have toothaches or other problems.

Every tooth part is essential and very valuable. Make sure you take care of your teeth by brushing, flossing, and coming into Canyon Dental Care biannually. Call (505) 278.7007 to make an appointment.