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Maintaining good oral health in the long term encompasses many different factors. To aid in this important effort the American Dental Association offers a series of guidelines and recommendations. Consistently adhering to these measures can significantly reduce your chances of suffering periodontal disease and cavities.

One of their most important recommendations calls for you to have a routine dental exam and cleaning performed every six months. At Dr. Ryan Wilson‘s dental office in Farmington, New Mexico, every checkup starts with a dental cleaning performed by one of his dental hygienists.

Once all traces of plaque and tartar have been removed from your mouth, Dr. Ryan Wilson will perform a thorough dental exam. This involves Dr. Ryan Wilson inspecting your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues for signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and oral cancer.

If Dr. Ryan Wilson finds a problem, or a vulnerable area he will recommend the most applicable treatment or preventative measure.

This could include administering a fluoride treatment or applying dental sealants to the biting surface of your molars and premolars. The fluoride will help to strengthen the mineral density of your tooth enamel to help prevent cavities from developing. Dental sealants are a special clear resin material that creates an impervious barrier preventing bacteria from access to your teeth.

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