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It’s entirely possible that the foods and drinks you are consuming are making your oral health care routines much more difficult. Your diet can be destroying your teeth and gums without you ever even knowing it is the culprit. Not only can it be causing invisible danger, it can set you up for catastrophic oral health accidents. Listed below are some risky foods to consider avoiding:

– Some foods and substances have a proclivity to sticking to your mouth long after consumption. The longer food residue lingers in your mouth, the longer it can erode your teeth. This includes chewy snacks, gummy treats, and sticky sweets.
– Foods with a low pH should be avoided at all costs. Low pH translates into harmful acids which are known to chew right through tooth enamel. If high-acidic foods cannot be avoided, always do your best to eat them with other foods to help neutralize the effects they can have on your teeth.
– Avoid products that are hard or tough, as they may break, chip, loosen, or fracture your teeth. This includes candy apples, corn on the cob, lollipops, hard candies, and a host of other sweets and treats that can break your smile.
– Sour candy should be avoided at all costs. Its acidity is so high that one of the closest products you can compare it to is car battery acid.
– Avoid products high in sugar, as bacteria in plaque can convert sugar to harmful acids that are capable of eating right through tooth enamel. Sugar causes cavities.
– Some food is more likely than others to easily lodge between teeth, such as popcorn products. When food particles are trapped in between teeth, they can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

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