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Did you know that mercury has been used in dentistry for decades? In fact, you might have some in your mouth right now. And although it has been used for so long, it is not without controversy within the dental community. Here at Canyon Dental Care, though, we don’t use mercury at all, to ensure a safer, healthier experience for all of our patients.

Mercury has been used in amalgam fillings for decades. Amalgam fillings, made from an alloy of several metals including mercury, have been popular for their affordability and strength. But many don’t like their dark color that can eventually cause further discoloration in teeth. Apart from being very unaesthetic, though, amalgam fillings can slowly release mercury into your body. Mercury is poisonous and may harm your body, even in tiny amounts.

At Canyon Dental Care, we take a mercury-free approach. Dr. Ryan Wilson uses a sturdy composite material for fillings and restorations instead of amalgam. These function as well as amalgam fillings, but match your natural tooth color. In fact, while amalgam can eventually cause cracks or other damage to a tooth, composite restorations actually strengthen tooth structure. In addition, as composite fillings have become more mainstream, they have become more affordable.

There is really no excuse to continue using mercury as part of a dental treatment anymore. Alternative options have made dentistry safer, more effective, and more aesthetic. To learn more about our mercury-free treatments or schedule an appointment, please call our Farmington, NM, office today.